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Hear what our clients have to say about the representation they received from The Kalka Law Group. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have 30+ years of combined experience fighting for compensation on the behalf of injury victims. Contact the firm today to discuss your case with us in a free consultation. You won't pay any legal fees unless we win!
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  • Very finest attorney that anyone can ever find.

    “I am truly grateful to Tony Kalka. Tony is efficient, responsive, compassionate and caring. From start to finish my experience was excellent! I totally trust Tony's judgement in every way and he more than exceeded my expectations. I have only the highest regard for him and his staff. I definitely recommend Tony Kafka as the very finest attorney that anyone can ever find.”

    Rochelle R.

  • We could not have received better representation.

    “My wife was taking our children to school one morning when her SUV was rear ended by a much larger vehicle while sitting at a red light. Turns out the vehicle was insured by a large insurance company. She sustained whiplash, a wrist injury that required surgery and endured about 12-16 months of back/neck pain. One of our children also sustained whiplash. The insurance company quickly took the position that my wife's/son's injuries were NOT due to the rear end was infuriating. The insurance company badgered us with letters asking to turn over all of our medical records and even sent an adjuster to our house who convinced my wife to answer his barrage of questions while being recorded. It was obvious to us that this Insurance Company was not interested in a fair settlement—they were only interested in discrediting my wife, her health and her character! I consider myself fairly resourceful so I researched the ability to try to get a reasonable settlement without an attorney. No way! The only time the Insurance Company gave us any amount of respect was after we got Tony Kafka involved with our case. Tony was patient with us explaining the legal process, was great with setting expectations and was tough enough with the Insurance Company to get us a fair settlement. I believe that his several years' experience working FOR an insurance company helped him to understand how insurance companies operate. Bottom line, if you try to get a fair settlement without an attorney you will be nothing but frustrated/'s a very sad situation. I spent months agonizing over whether to get an attorney because I thought I could get a better settlement without one....WRONG. God forbid, if my family is in another accident then I will not hesitate to call Tony Kalka and leave wrestling with the insurance company to him...I don't think we could have received better representation.”

    Tucker K.

  • You have been wonderful in helping us obtain an ample settlement.

    “I wish to graciously thank you and your team for all of the assistance and support that you have provided with regard to our case. Unfortunately, oftentimes I know that people would opt not seek the services of a lawyer in some cases believing that they can save money handling the situation themselves, even in the case where the situation seems simple, cut and dry. However, I have personally witnessed such situations where regardless of how simple the case was or how cut and dry the argument, the excellence of tenured representation makes just that big of a difference! You have been a wonderful help, a humble individual and a very personable person to deal with in helping us obtain an ample settlement. I thank you especially for your understanding given our situation and your caring heart. For this, we thank you very much for all of your assistance. God bless you and keep you and yours! Thank you again.”

    Adam I.

  • Tony treated our case as if it was his own personal case.

    “Having known Tony for many years, I knew that he was the attorney for us following my husband’s auto accident where he was not at fault. He was rear-ended by a charter bus, went air borne, hit several other cars and was severely injured. My husband had 3 surgeries as a result of the accident. The Kalka Law Group investigated the wreck within days of the accident, provided direction with some medical decisions, sued the people & companies who caused the accident, and fought for us throughout this litigation. 2 ½ years after the wreck, we reached a very good settlement. Tony will not only be your attorney, but he will be your advocate. Tony is a professional who knows what it takes to get the results for you. He will fight long and hard to get what you deserve. He was always available to communicate with us about any questions and concerns we had. Tony treated our case like it was his own personal case. You become more than just client to him; you become family. He truly cares about you, your family, your recovery, and getting the best result for you.”


  • Anthony and his team exceeded our expectations.

    “Anthony and his team exceeded our expectations. we were very pleased with results.”

    Jerry Griffin

  • I would recommend The Kalka Law Group to ANYONE!

    “My daughter was hit head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on GA400. They came to the hospital to meet with us and we did not have to deal with anything other than helping our daughter through the ordeal. The Kalka Law Group got our daughter the best possible settlement and we are extremely grateful.”

    Tami Barrett

  • Handled my case with confidence.

    “Tony Kafka was an exceptional and great lawyer; he provided professional, courteous, and tremendous service. He handled my case with confidence.”

    Dorris R.

  • Immediately I felt comfortable with him.

    “From the beginning, 7 days after my accident, Tony Kalka was the most professional and concerned attorney I had spoken with. Due my injuries, Mr. Kalka met with me at my home. He was very candid and open with me, and no question I had went unanswered. Immediately I felt comfortable with him. My case went on for the better part of a year, all the while, he and his associates worked on building my case. Tony was also very instrumental in assisting me with managing my finances and getting the best medical care at the time. The due diligence exemplified by Tony Kalka and his staff is top notch, and, I feel, unsurpassed by not a single law firm in the Atlanta or surrounding area! I owe total success in the case his patience and understanding of all the intricacies involved with my accident. His knowledgeable staff is friendly and on top of everything. The efforts put forth by Tony and his colleagues allowed me concentrate on my physical and mental recovery. I placed it all in his hands, and I was not let down! I have grown to look at Tony as a friend, and will use The Kalka Law Group in an instant in the future. Tony will not let you down; if you go in open minded, listen what he says and follow his direction. I have and will continue to recommend The Kalka Law Group as the premier accident trial attorneys in this state.”

    Mike T.

  • Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    “August 2010, I was involved in an accident in which my vehicle was totaled. I was getting nowhere fast with the "big" insurance company. I was referred to The Kalka Law Group by a friend. I met with Tony and found him to be friendly, but to the point. I told Tony I wanted to recoup some of the monies lost for medical expenses and loss of work. I told Tony what I would settle for and not a penny less. The week before Christmas, Tony called and stated the insurance company would settle for my amount. Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff; what more could you ask for. I would recommend The Kalka Law Group to anyone wanting a great attorney. Thanks Tony!”

    Fred B

  • I loved their hard-nose attitude and diligence.

    “My wife and I were having dinner at one of the more popular Atlanta restaurants. We were eating with about ten friends when all of a sudden the chair my wife was sitting on collapsed. Her drink went up in the air and her body slammed to the ground. My wife was startled and shocked looking up from ground. I helped my wife up and then proceeded to get a manager to take look at the chair. That chair just fell apart with no warning. I examined the chair with the manager very closely and realized it was a cheap little director chair. It was not a very sturdy chair. The management they were very sorry as they swept up the debris from the broken glass and the chair. My wife was embarrassed and feeling very sore so we decided to leave the restaurant. We headed directly to the emergency room. The next morning I started calling on lawyers explaining what had transpired at the restaurant. Every lawyer that I spoke with explained to me that it was going to be next to impossible to get a claim settlement based on the order of events that took place that night. At that point in time my wife was feeling very sore so we went to see her doctor. In my mind I figured her medical care was going to be a family expense. A friend suggested that I speak with The Kalka Law Group. I explained to my friend that several attorneys told me that there was nothing that could be done with this case. I then spoke directly with Tony Kalka, not one of the case workers. I was pleased with his optimistic approach to the case. He told me in no uncertain terms that it was going be a long shot but he loved a challenge and he would work the case for me. A few months later Tony called and explained that he had worked out a settlement. It was right before Christmas and the timing could not have been better. I would like to thank Tony and his staff for a job well done, I loved their hard-nose attitude and diligence. The Kalka Law Group made the end of 2009 a Christmas to remember.”

    Penn G.

  • Mr. Kalka helped me get through my bicycle accident.

    “My name is Carmen Valenzuela, I am from Bolivia, I was on vacation in February 2009 in Naples, Florida. While on vacation I went bicycle riding with my daughter. Suddenly, I was in a terrible accident with a car. The accident was horrible because it shortened my vacation and it took away from the precious time that I had to spend with my daughter. My daughter and I decided to call a lawyer. My daughter's friend who lives in Atlanta let us know that she knew a very good lawyer. We called Mr. Tony Kalka, he went to Naples to visit to us and we explained to him all the details of my accident. He said, "Let me do what I know how to do." After 3 weeks I received my check for $50,000. That is very good money in my country. I returned couple weeks after that, very very happy and healthy. Mr. Kalka helped me get through my bicycle accident. He is a very competent professional with human values and worked very quickly for me and my family.”

    Carmen V.

  • Tony was a godsend!

    “Tony from The Kalka Law Group was a godsend. After I got rear-ended while I was stopped at a red light, by someone going 70 mph, the insurance company that insured both me and the person who hit me wanted to put it all on my insurance, making me pay the deductible. Not only that, they were offering me about half of what my car was worth after it was totaled. On top of it all, they wanted an original receipt for every item that got destroyed in my trunk. As I complained about all this to a co-worker he referred me to Tony. That was the best referral for any business I have had to date. As soon as Tony got involved, the insurance company became much more cooperative, clearly wanting my case to be resolved quickly no matter what they had to pay. Not only that but he made me aware of several benefits I was paying for through my insurance policy but did not know I had. Since then I have referred Tony countless times and he has never once let me down, treating each of the people I send to him as well and as effectively as he treated me. I trust him so much I even referred my boss to him. It is a comfort for me to know that if I find myself in trouble again, I have Tony to fall back on, and that my issues, whatever they may be, will be resolved thoroughly and efficiently.”

    Kerry O.

  • I would highly recommend Tony Kalka to anybody.

    “I was referred to Tony Kalka by an attorney, since I was looking for someone to represent my dad for a personal injury due to a gunshot; that was the best thing that could have happened to us. The first time I met with him he was very friendly and pretty laid back, but knew exactly what he had to do. He filed a claim the very first day, which was very impressive. He explained the entire process and made sure that all my questions were answered in a reasonable amount of time. The one thing that I absolutely loved about him was the way he interacted with me throughout the case and the fact that I was able to reach him just about any time via email, phone or just a text message. He made me feel like I was his family and that I could as him all kinds of questions not only about the settlement progress but also about my dad’s medical care and treatment and what should be my next step. He always kept our best interest in his mind and worked accordingly. When he felt like my dad would need a legal guardian to take his medical decisions, he immediately got Jeff Mangieri involved, who is an excellent probate lawyer and a friend of Tony. They both worked diligently on my dad’s case and got us the maximum possible settlement. I would highly recommend these two attorneys to anybody in need of such help. Thank you so much, Tony, for all your help. It was an absolute pleasure to know you.”

    Almin L.

  • His dedication was amazing and perseverance phenomenal.

    “Tony Kalka and his team were a shining light in the aftermath of my car accident. He was courteous and drove to my house for our first meeting. He was always considerate of my time and therapy schedule. His team worked diligently for a year to ensure that I was appropriately compensated and even delivered my check on my birthday. His dedication was amazing and perseverance phenomenal. Even now, I trust Tony and his team with any law questions I should have. I am indebted to them”

    Marrisa M.

  • Tony Kalka is, "The Best!"

    “I was referred to Mr. Anthony C. Kalka, by a very successful Atlanta attorney in January 2007. The case was a slip and fall, in which I was badly injured. I needed an anchor in the storm. This attorney is solid, and with his representation I received a substantial settlement for my injuries. In September of 2008, my husband and I got hit broadside by an unlicensed, uninsured driver. Despite this great challenge, Anthony still got us a settlement, coming through for us a second time. I have become acquainted with he and his family, over the past 3 years. If I had to sum him up in one phrase, it would be "The Best!" If your problem is not in his field, he will try to find another qualified attorney to help you, just because he cares.”

    Joe and Philene A.

  • Efficient and Professional

    “I truly appreciate the efficient and professional manner in which The Kalka Law Group handled my case. I would recommend them to family and friends!”


  • Mr. Kalka was with me every step of the way.

    “I was driving on a Horse Buggy in downtown Atlanta when a drunk driver came speeding at me from behind. I heard his engine and then the next thing I knew I was flying in the air. It was all so fast, but the injury I received and the impact it had on my life was far from minor. Mr. Kalka was with me every step of the way. A drunk driver could have killed me. The Kalka Law Group helped me receive treatment and a fair settlement. Thank you, Mr. Kalka.”

    Fred H.

  • They listened, advised and advocated for me.

    “After being hit by a car while bicycling, I found the driver's insurance company completely unreasonable in their settlement offer for my injuries. Despite the driver having been cited at the scene for failure to yield, the insurance adjuster offered only a trivial amount. I consider myself a fairly skilled negotiator, but I was getting nowhere but frustrated by dealing with the insurance company on my own. A colleague referred me to The Kalka Law Group and I was very pleased with how they listened to, advised, and advocated for me. Tony and his staff were professional, timely, and very helpful throughout. He was able to negotiate a fair settlement which I am convinced I could not have achieved on my own. I would highly recommend that anyone who finds themselves feeling unfairly treated by an insurance company seek Tony's counsel before they settle.”


  • I would not hesitate to recommend The Kalka Law Group

    “In the fall of 2009 my wife and I hosted a party at our house. Soon after the party I could not find my watch and a few other items. Naturally, I figured our children were playing in mom and dads' room and figured the items would turn up eventually. It wasn't until a few weeks later when we realized that we were missing additional items and a had been robbed. We filed a claim with my insurance company in December 2009. Travelers Insurance did not believe us and requested statements under oath, financial information, and tax returns. Thankfully, my business partner knew Tony Kalka. His law firm took our case over and he fought my insurance company every step of the way until they finally reimbursed us for a fair settlement. If I ever know of anyone who is having trouble with their own Home Owners Insurance company I would not hesitate to recommend and contact The Kalka Law Group”

    Brad H.

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