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Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Runs Red Light Resulting in Collision- 129500.0000

$129,500.00 -

Our client was traveling west on Cobb Parkway when a semi-truck ran a red light in front of them, not giving our client enough time to stop. He collided into the right side of the tractor trailer, which completely damaged the front of his pickup truck, making it inoperable. The truck driver admitted to the Officer and our injured client that he ran a red light. He was not issued a ticket and later blamed our injured client. Kalka & Baer retained an expert accident reconstructionist and obtained the squad car dash camera, which captured the truck driver stating he ran the red light.

Kalka & Baer recovered a settlement for $129,500 on behalf of the other driver in the accident. The owner of the commercial trucking company responsible for that driver's safety stated that they never provided him with any training. Considering all of these factors, Kalka & Baer fought to recover a settlement of $129,500 on behalf of the pickup driver for the losses he incurred as a result of the reckless truck driver and negligent trucking company.

Truck Driver Violates Hours of Service Regulations, Kills Innocent Victim- 1875000.0000

$1,875,000.00 -

On May 22, 2014 our client was tragically killed on I-95. Tony Kalka was called to investigate the accident and prove the truck driver's negligence within 4 days of the accident. Mr. Kalka tirelessly over the next 12 days to move faster and more efficiently than the Trucking Company and the Insurance Company Mr. Kalka dispatched a team of experts to inspect the truck and accident scene. Mr. Kalka personally spent days at the accident scene and investigating every facet of the truck and tracked down every possible witness. He eventually found two witnesses that helped prove the Truck Driver's negligence. Tony also discovered that the truck driver had violated the Federal Motor Carriers hours of service violations and that his R2 brake was inoperable. Tony also proved punitive damages against the Trucking Company. The case settled out of court at Mediation with the highest settlement award in that County.

Truck Stopped in Road with No Indicators, Causes Car Crash- 1000000.0000

$1,000,000.00 -

A driver collided into an 18-wheeler in Paulding County in the early hours of the morning because the truck did not have any lights indicating its presense on the road. The man in the automobile was coming up over the hill and was not able to respond quickly enough because of the lack of indicators. Suffering pain and certain injuries to his ankle, arms and head requiring 5 different surgeries, the victim had over $320,000 in medical expenses. There were still even additional costs that the victim was going to have to pay out of pocket. Through the aggressive representation provided by Kalka & Baer, LLC, a settlement was reached for $1 million.

Truck Makes Illegal U-Turn, Blocks Traffic, Causes Accident- 755000.0000

$755,000.00 -

Fulton County-Interstate 75.Our client was traveling down the highway on his way to the airport to begin work for the day. The tractor trailer missed its turn and attempted to make a u-turn. However, truck became stuck in mud and debris; the trailer was blocking two lanes. Client's vehicle struck the broad side of trailer at 55 miles per hour. Client suffered a broken back and a shattered kneecap. Truck driver and the national trucking company testified that truck driver was making a left rurn and became stuck in mud. National truck company alleged that our client should have perceived the truck and that our client had the last clear chance to avoid the accident. Kalka & Baer LLC successfully proved that the trucking company's trailer did not have proper lights or reflecting taping under 49.CRF 392.33 and was in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. Kalka & Baer LLC also subpoenaed the trucking company's navigation and electric tracking system, which proved that the truck driver was making an illegal u-turn. This vehicle maneuever violated state law and internal company policies and procedure. Kalka & Baer LLC successfully secured millions of dollars in a confidential settlement that proved for client and the future of client's family.

Truck Rear-Ended Vehicle

$0.00 -

Dekalb County-Interstate 285. National tractor trailer trucking company rear-ended client on Interstate 285. The truck driver stated he was not responsible for accident. Client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery. Kalka & Baer LLC proved through deposition and witness testimony that the truck driver had caused three accidents in two years and that truck driver was operating his tractor trailer too fast for the weather conditions. Trucking company offered substantial settlement at mediation prior to trial.

Truck crashed into parked vehicle

Confidential Settlement -

Clayton County - Riverdale Road. Tractor trailer crashed into Client's parked vehicle on Riverdale Road. Clients suffered bulging discs and neck pain. Kalka & Baer LLC proved that the Trucking Company violated of the Federal Motor Carrier Rules and Regulations. The Truck driver failed to adequately conduct and prepare the pre trip inspection report. Kalka & Baer LLC deposed the shipping manager and proved negligence because the trailer was improperly loaded. Kalka & Baer LLC obtained a confidential settlement that was greater than five times the client's medical bills.

Tire Blow Out - Tread Seraration

Confidential Settlement -

A Tractor Trailer was traveling down I-75 South and was over loaded with cargo. The truck's cargo was within gross weight allowance; however its tire tread depth was way too low and the Truck driver collided with our clients' vehicle. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requires every truck driver to perform pre-trip inspection. On the date of accident, the the driver's log books showed that the truck driver did perform the required tire inspection; however, Kalka & Baer LLC was able to demonstrate that the truck driver negligently failed to perform the required pre-trip inspection. Our clients suffered multiple broken bones due to the truck driver's negligence.

Black Box download shows Truck Driver driving too fast for conditions

Confidential Settlement -

Tractor Trailer was traveling down highway to end destination. Eye witness stated that truck driver was driving eratically and passing motorists at unsafe speeds. The Truck side swiped our client and continued travleling on Interstate 85 until finally pulled over by the Georgia State Patrol. The Truck Driver denied driving over 55 mph. Kalka & Baer LLC was able to download the truck speed information to demonstrate that the truck driver was negligently operating his vehicle and that the Truck Driver lied to the Georgia State Patrol. Confidential Settlment obtained.

Swift Transportation Truck Collides With a Car, Drags the Car Forty Feet- 205000.0000

$205,000.00 -

A husband and wife were out running in Banks County, Georgia and were stopped at a traffic intersection after leaving Wal-Mart, when a fully loaded tractor-trailer was entering the roadway to deliver products and collided with one car, then proceeded to strike our client's car, which drug the car approximately forty (40) feet. Our client's vehicle remained partially trapped under the trailer. Both clients suffered multiple injuries and the husband was required to undergo back suirgery as a result of the collision. After our clients' incurred a large amount of medical bills the trucking company denied liability and would not pay for their medical bills. The couple was left to figure out how to pay these bills that their health insurance would not pay because another person was at fault for the injuries. Kalka & Baer filed the lawsuit in the State Court of Clayton County. The systematically deposed the truck driver, safety director, dispatcher, and Swift Company designated representative and each was asked, under oath, if he/she believed that the truck driver had adequate training. After a very thorough and aggressive litigation, Kalka & Baer was able to reach a combined settlement at mediation just weeks before the trial of the case.

Redmond v. Swift Transportation Company- 185000.0000

$185,000.00 -

Our client was leaving Walmart when a Swift Transportation truck driver took a sharp left and collided with a vehicle then struck our client's pickup truck. The Swift truck dragged our client's vehicle forty feet. The client suffered lower back pain and sciatica, which resulted in back surgery ultimately. Swift denied liability for this accident, which led the client to a lawyer that practices general personal injury. This lawyer knew of Mr. Kalka's reputation as a trucking lawyer and referred Mr. Kalka to litigate the case. Mr. Kalka filed the law suit against Swift and deposed the truck driver, dispatcher, and company safety director. Mr. Kalka was able to prove that the truck driver was an inexperienced driver and that this lack of experience caused or contributed to the collision. He also proved that the surveillance on his client would inflame the jury at trial. Two weeks prior to trial, Swift requested to go to mediation to resolve the case. Mr. Kalka kept fighting motion after motion and agreed to mediate only if Swift flew in a company representative from Phoenix. Prior to mediation, the last offer from Swift was $14,000. On February 5, 2015 this matter resolved for $185,000 at mediation.

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