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Motorcyclists face dangers every time they take to the streets or highways. Since motorcyclists have very little protection in a crash - unlike motorists who have safety restraints, airbags and a metal frame enclosing them - motorcyclists tend to suffer catastrophic injuries in collisions. Unfortunately, a large number of drivers are inattentive, distracted, drunk, driving aggressively or exhibiting other driving conduct that puts the motorcyclist at great risk of serious injury or death.

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Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

A biker could be thrown from their motorcycle in a high-speed crash and suffer a neck or spinal cord injury that causes paralysis. Their helmet could fly off due to the impact and cause them to sustain a brain injury when their head hits the pavement. Broken bones are probably the most common, however, because of the impact of the motorcyclist with the other vehicle or the pavement.

Severe Abrasions or Road Rash

One of the most common serious injuries in motorcycle accident cases is road rash or severe skin abrasions. This type of injury can be difficult to resolve, as there is road debris embedded in the skin, and a high potential for serious infection, as well as requiring a long period of healing. Once healed, the skin and underlying tissue can be damaged, leaving permanent scars. These abrasions often cover a large area of the face, arms, legs, back or front of the body, and are extremely painful and can be permanently disfiguring. There are many nerve endings in the dermis, and the pain of these injuries is excruciating.

The first action to take is to get treatment, as skin infections can lead to disfiguring scars that cannot be fully resolved, as well as the need for hospitalization and medical intervention. We believe that your injuries should be compensated fully, including all medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other damages.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Distracted Drivers
This is the most common of all types of motorcycle accidents. The driver has attention on something other than the street or highway ahead, whether due to cell phone use, talking or texting, or any other activity inside the vehicle. In these cases, the driver fails to observe a motorcyclist and either turns into lanes and hits the motorcyclist, or in many cases, the impact takes place in an intersection, and the motorcyclist is hit from behind.

Drunk Drivers
Alpharetta has more than its share of drunk drivers. These criminally negligent vehicle operators put every other driver at risk; motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable due to the smaller profile. Wrong way driving, swerving from lane-to-lane, speeding and other driving conduct can lead to a serious or deadly motorcycle accident.

Speeding and Aggressive Drivers
There are those vehicle operators that once they get behind the wheel, they become extremely aggressive. This driving behavior is very dangerous to motorcyclists, as the aggressive driver tends to tailgate, swerve around various vehicles to try to gain a minor advantage, hitting a motorcyclist.

Defective Motorcycle Parts
In cases in which a motorcycle system or part fails, the process of recovering compensation can be more complex. Whether a tire blow-out, brake failure or other critical system failures, it is important to ensure that an Alpharetta motorcycle accident lawyer gets involved. Suing a parts manufacturer, a motorcycle manufacturer, the tire manufacturer or another liable party will require careful case preparation.

Dangerous Streets or Highways
When a street or highway is hazardous due to a failure of the city, county or state to properly maintain the roadway so that motorcyclists and other drivers are safe, and an injury accident occurs, it is often possible to seek compensation from that liable party. Our firm can evaluate your situation immediately, and the speed with which we get involved can be important, as the evidence of a failure to maintain should be preserved prior to the government agency repairing it.

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