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Injured in an accident? Kalka & Baer LLC has the experience you need!

Almost every personal injury firm you research will tell you that they have the experience to obtain fair compensation for your case; however, very few firms can boast the same qualifications as Kalka & Baer LLC. When he first began practicing law, Attorney Tony Kalka was a defense attorney for major insurance companies in the southeast. Today, he uses his inside understanding of their defense tactics to help his clients win the highest possible amount of compensation from similar insurance companies. This is a quality that is hard to find in an injury firm and should not be taken for granted.

Our firm also prides itself in the level of care and attention we provide each client. We understand the importance of details and of studying your case in order to personalize it and present a strong argument on your behalf. Excellent legal service doesn't only depend on answering your phone calls - it also includes paying close attention to you and truly caring for the outcome of your case. If you are thinking of filing a claim, don't wait. You only have two years to do so under the Georgia statute of limitations, so contact our offices today for a free case evaluation. No matter what kind of injury accident you have suffered, we are here to help.

Areas of Practice

Car Accidents
More than 30,000 fatalities were caused by car accidents in Georgia in the year 2010. Car crashes are the top cause of personal injury claims in every state across the nation.

Bicycle Accidents
Negligent or distracted drivers are notorious for hitting cyclists, who have the same legal rights on the road as motorists. These accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, or even wrongful death.

Bus Accidents
Although bus accidents are rare, they can cause serious damage and injury when they do occur. Passengers could be thrown from their seats, and any driver or passengers in a smaller vehicle could be severely injured by the impact of a large and heavy bus.

Catastrophic Injuries
Debilitating, disfiguring or permanent injuries are often called catastrophic injuries. They include severe burns, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Construction Accidents
As one of the most dangerous professions in the world, construction often results in serious personal injury. Catastrophic injury is not uncommon due to the heavy machinery and building materials that are involved in the process of construction.

Dangerous Drugs
Just because a medication, drug or dietary supplement is on the market does not mean that it has been properly researched or approved by the FDA. Even prescription drugs can be dangerous if not prescribed correctly by your doctor.

Deck Collapse
Georgia sees many deck collapse accidents every year, which usually result from improper attachment or poor construction. These accidents are a type of premises liability and victims deserve compensation.

Medical Malpractice
Regardless of any waivers you may have signed, you deserve to have any additional treatment covered by the hospital's insurance if you suffered further injury or illness at the hands of a negligent physician, nurse or surgeon.

Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcyclists have very little protection in a crash with a larger vehicle. As a result, catastrophic injuries such as broken bones and brain injuries are quite common and may require ongoing medical treatment. Make sure you obtain compensation to match.

Most injury accidents, not matter what type, involve some form of negligence on the part of the liable party. Whether they were distracted or acting out of reckless ignorance, they should be held responsible for any injuries that were caused by their actions.

Product Liability
When a product, appliance or piece of machinery malfunctions, the manufacturer or vendor could be held responsible if the accident was directly related to their negligence.

Slip & Fall
If you have suffered an injury after slipping and falling due to premises liability, an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer could investigate your case and help establish the liable party so that you can fight for a fair payout.

Swimming Pool Accidents
Concussions, neck injuries, spine injuries and broken bones can all result in an accident beside or in a pool. Wrongful death is common, as well, due to drowning accidents.

Trucking Accidents
Negligent, distracted or tired truck drivers have not excuse if they cause a wreck. Our firm could go up against the big trucking insurance companies and fight for a full recovery of your damages.

Wrongful Death
If an immediate family member of yours has suffered a tragic death in an accident, you deserve to be compensated for any consequent expenses, as well as for your grief, pain and suffering. Kalka & Baer LLC could help, so call now!

Alpharetta Personal Injury Lawyer

Over the past 20 years, Kalka & Baer LLC has continuously sought to improve its level of excellence and skill in personal injury representation. Our lawyers have been featured in Georgia Trend's 2009 Legal Elite, Super Lawyer®, Georgia 100 Lawyerand have been selected for inclusion in Georgia Super Lawyers® as Rising Stars for several consecutive years. Through a free case evaluation, you could find out for yourself how respectful and concerned we are toward each of our clients. Our legal team will give their all to present a strong case and obtain the highest possible amount of recovery for your injury. Call today to consult for free with an Alpharetta personal injury attorney!