Alpharetta Personal Injury Lawyer: Soft Tissue Damage

Bruises, Tendon and Ligament Damage, Sprains and Other Soft Tissue Injuries

The aftermath of car accidents can leave victims with long-term chronic pain from soft tissue damage. The effects of sudden impact to those within a vehicle have been reduced by technology and the introduction of airbags and seat belts. Those safety systems that have been so significant in saving lives also have the potential of causing damage to vulnerable areas such as the neck, spine and knees. Serious injuries to vulnerable areas of the body, such as the neck and back, often occur in low speed car accidents.

Neck or back injuries from a car accident?

Obtaining compensation for soft tissue damage is usually fought vigorously by insurance companies due to the subjective nature of these types of muscle-related injuries. You can't argue with a broken bone, but proving that headache pain is the result of an impact requires the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney in Alpharetta. Soft tissue damage, and the subsequent pain and suffering, can continue for many months or longer. You may miss work, and suffer a loss of income. You will incur costs for medical treatment, medication and rehabilitative treatment. The experienced team working with Attorney Tony Kalka knows how to conduct a soft tissue damage claim. We have obtained large settlements for injuries caused by driver distraction and other types of negligent driving conduct. You should be compensated for all financial losses as well your pain and suffering, as is only fair.

There are other consequences of soft tissue damage that are an important aspect in any settlement negotiations we conduct on your behalf. If you have been treated for headaches, muscle spasms, weakness in the arms, dizziness, and inability to concentrate or sleep problems due to the accident, we urge you to preserve the records of any treatment you have received. If you want to obtain settlement for these injuries, contact us for an initial appointment so we can discuss your case. The firm is ready to move into action for you.